What are your thoughts on disabled people?

what is the idea in your mind about Handicapped person

Answer #1

I just remembered, my brothers sort of disabled. lol. He got hit by car when he was two, survived, but it mest up a bit of his brain. I think its co-ordination. He has help (althought he complains) in school. But his praticilaly normal. We get along well. He likes the anime/cartoons I like. Hard to notice though.

Answer #2

I dont think handi cap is looked at the same as it used to be. I think everyone has handicaps being something that they can not do after trying and failing many times. Britz I bet your sis is georgus as. I know many people with down kids and they have many traits that put them way above you and me. I bet you spoil her rotten. lol. My handicap is that I hate hights and it stops me from going to places I’ve always wanted to go.

Answer #3

Heh, yeah, she is:). I love her to bits… though when she misses her ‘Home and Away’ she gets a bit cranky. She’s as cute now at 15 than when she was at 7:) Thanks. :)

Answer #4

I don’t really know what you mean… do you mean what is my idea of what a handicapped person is? My sister is disabled, she has downs syndrome. So, the first thing I think of when I hear ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ is her or downs syndrome. But, I think of handicapped in general as many different things- you could be handicapped physically or mentally, or both. Having to use a wheelchair is a handicap, Sorry if I haven’t answered your question- it was a bit unclear. Britz

Answer #5

They’re human.

Answer #6

I live in Britain and the word handicapped is no longer seen as politically correct.

The general term used now is disabled. Although I don’t personally like this term (if you disable a car, you prevent it from functioning in any way), it is used by medical professionals.

I work closely with disabled people and many of them have some fantastic skills that often amaze me. They have adapted to make the best out of their abilities not sit and complain about their disabilities.

I think the term differently abled is more appropriate in description. (I believe this is used in the USA)

Answer #7

Thats exactly right overit.

Answer #8

A person is person with or without a handicap or disabilities. We all have flaws just some are more noticeable than others. I don’t look at people who are handicapped any differently than someone who isn’t. Today in the world people are getting more and more ignorant about people who are handicapped and because they don’t understand or know how to act they can usually be very cruel. I think if more people were aware of people with handicaps then they would not be so ignorant.

Answer #9

i have epilepsy, i guess i am disabled. I was told by the medical experts that i am not able to climb trees, ladders, towers, onto roofs, bait fishhooks.

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