Why do people think weed is so bad?

The government has always made marijuana out 2 be a bad thing, but the truth is that its not bad at all. The only single thing wrong with it is the fact thaqt you have 2 smoke it. Smoke inhalation is bad for your lungs nomatter what kind of smoke it may be. But it can also be used for many other things like clothes, paper, fuel!, any textiles, it could help save money, its grow almost newhere, it has a short growth cycle, it could help us save the planet. tobacco, caffine, and alcohol are all legal drugs and they are all more harmful than marijuana, I just dont understand why people cant uinderstand. I suggest checking out a documentary on marijuana, they tell you about the bs the government feeds people, they talk about the bussiness side of it, they talk about the health effects, its very informative, its called the union, I strongly suggest anyone that reads this to check it even if you think its a bad thing, just watch the movie and you should understand why there are so many people fighting for the lgalization or decriminalization of the least harmful drug on the planet. If you are religious.. Think about it, “god” put it on this earth for us to use, but we cant use its many uses because its illegal, even for industrial use… ridiculous!!!

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I agree with you (:

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Thinking this through, I support the legalization of marijuana. I don’t exactly like seeing people smoke weed nor do I like weed itself but its to get rid of the temptation of it. Think about it for a minute, children aren’t allowed to buy cigarettes from stores because they need to be a legal age. Does that apply for marijuana? Certainly not. If marijuana gets legalized then the chances of children smoking it might be reduced. If you take out the illegal part of marijuana then people wouldn’t be so tempted to do it. I feel that its almost human nature for people to do break rules (not the morally wrong rules though).

Now seeing as though you guys are saying its for money, why doesn’t the U.S. by the merchandise directly from the people that sell it instead of trying to put them to jail? Or are they staging a crime scene there. Now weed is known to cause some respiratory issues and is usually used by patients when they have cancer but its to relieve the symptoms of it. Weed doesn’t do much to the cancer cells from what I know.

Now the only real problem I have with weed is seeing people high everywhere. Thats the only thing I can’t exactly cope with. With the legalization of marijuana people are going to have to be more responsible with what they’re doing. Now you see some parents are going to be stupid enough to give it to their kids. It can be a very difficult problem when kids are smoking it. Also pregnant mothers shouldn’t be smoking weed, its known to have effects on the child later on in life. The child might develop mood issues. If weed gets legalized I expect to see responsible smokers, thats all I really want to see.

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Because weed can cause cancer, although people think it doesnt. It also makes people become stupid and burn outs.

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I absolutely agree with you!! weed is great, makes you forget your problems and barely anyone has a bad trip!! it takes away the pain and ect… the world should follow the lead of holland LEGALIZE- ahaha its just the best, better than alcohol if you ask me! and you have the time of your fucking life while your on it!! and you dont always have to smoke it!! hell you can eat that shit!!! its amazing!!

Answer #5

It’s all done for the MONEY! This is a nation of addicts and our gov. knows if they keep it illegal more profit is made, know what I mean. The goverment keeps us on CHECK on other words.

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Well they say everything causes cancer these days. there is such thing as medical marijuana and thats legal it helps people with epilepsy for instance you know people were saying talking on your cell phone could give you radiation poisening and brain cancer. its only happend like 1 time not even from the phone. everything has risks but I am completely with you!! LEGALIZE!!!

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couldnt agree more. I too have seen the union as well as many other documentaries on marijuana prohibition and legalization. while smoking could potentially cause cancer, one needs to be realistic about it, think about how many legal things that do as well. except while if you drink enough or take enough legally prescibed medicines, you can overdose. whereas it’s literally impossible to overdose on marijuana. I’ve heard and read many estimates on how much weed it would take to actually die from, and the true average is roughly your body weight. while some completely ignorant and self-righteous people would say ‘well then it is possible’, the best thing for rational people to do when hearing arguments like that is laugh it off. thats what I do, because its extremely important when debating to use realistic and rational arguments. also keep in mind that you would naturally fall asleep after smoking certain amounts because everybodys tolerance varies. I have no problem admitting that between a friend and me, we smoked an entire ounce in a matter of a couple hours and all that happened was nonstop laughter, big appetites, and totally random in-depth conversations. so with the literal impossibility of an overdose, marijuana absolutely needs to become legalized. if someone gets drunk, they get moody, depressed, angry, and even violent. your vision blurs, your coordination weakens, and your overall inhibitions disappear. while I wudnt condone being high and driving because of a slower reaction time, you still have a lot more control then if you were drunk. I’ve never met anyone who wanted to fight or even cause trouble if they were stoned, unless they had been drinking too. throughout this decade we will be seeing more and more states decriminalizing and even legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Answer #8

so I figured if I get high” take the test high” I will get high results” lol I smoked for five years, haven’t smoked it for five months though, and my memory is as good as gold! some people may not like it, but who cares, they have there opinion about it, and you have yours. yes it may course a lot of problems, but there’s a lot worse things in this world then weed…

Answer #9

yeah WEED DOESNT CAUSE CANCER, IF IT DID WHY WOULD THEY GIVE IT TO PEOPLE WITH CANCER FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES? yeah it helps take the pain away but there are many studies done that say marijuana actually helps slow the growth of toumors SO SUCK ON THAT!… 4 all you people that dont belive me… I mentioned the union, that excellent proof, there are quite a few other documentarys on it, high, totally baked, super high me, CKECK EM OUT

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