What do you guys think about this "fake weed" which is called spice?

Kids are using it as a substitute for weed cause it gives the same effects but doesn’t show up on drug tests. It has SOOOO Many health hazards though, people are ending up in the hospital with seizures, bleeding lungs, heart attacks, and MANY other problems, yet people are still smoking it. I dont understand how in the world it’s legal, and i’m curious what other peoples takes on this are.

Answer #1

It’s an herbal incense - it was never meant to be inhaled. The problem is, kids will always find something innocent and turn it into something bad … example - “whippits”. Unfortunately, we can’t criminalize every substance in the world…

Answer #2

*sorry, let me clarified - it was never meant to be “directly” inhaled - as incense if actually inhaled to a degree.

Answer #3

Wow…my typing sucks right now

Answer #4

It’s starting to at least become banned in many places though. I dont see how it would be able to be burned as an inscence cause it’s just loose herbs mixed together in a bag, that smell terrible at that.

Answer #5

It was being sold in every gas station here for months, and two months ago it became illegal and controlled substance in our state. Real marijuana is much less harmful….its sad that people must go to such extremes to do such a least harmful dr.ug.

Answer #6

i kno of it as k-2 or k-3 and it really sucks. lol

Answer #7

Kids will always find something to do… I heard about this stuff when I was working at the high school.

Answer #8

stupid, if someones wants to get messed up just smoke some weed???

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