Issue a license to illegals ?

Obama embraced the idea of giving driver’s licenses to any illegal immigrant who wants one - Hillary Clinton opposed the idea - Should a person that is here illegally be able to get a driver’s license ?

Answer #2

Illegal should get NO rights, privileges, benefits, ANYTHING that law abiding, tax paying citizens get - remember, if they are here illegally they ARE NOT paying taxes! Why should we all have to do that stuff when some people get to avoid them.

Answer #3

arachnid, don’t forget insured too.

Of course they should be able to get licenes.

And Hillary originally supported the plan by Elliot Spitzer in NY, and only withdrew that support once it became a political liability. Her first instincts were right.

Answer #4

Do you really think not having licenses will stop illegal immigrants from driving? Do you think not being able to get one will cause them to leave? The proposal is a safety measure, nothing more: People - all people - are safer if the people driving are trained and licensed to do so.

Answer #5

If the immigrant does the testing and all of that - I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to have a license, they earned it.

Answer #6

They should change that law for elegal imigrants to get drivers licenses. Since Obama wants to give them that, I’d say those people have no right! Since those that come here illegally, aren’t respecting our laws or Sovernty. If they do it the right way to get into this country, then they can become citizens and get drivers licenses. For now, since they are here illegally, no! Until they can be legal citizens the proper way, they shouldn’t be allowed to have licenses.

Answer #7

Keep in mind, that being illegal is a misdemeaner, not a felony. Should we prohibit jaywalkers from getting licenses as well?

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