Is it illegal to be racist?

I’m not, infact I have friends who are black. But is it illelgal? Or is it not because it’s freedom of speech?

Answer #1

Not illegal, just ignorant - any color can be racist.

Answer #2

Nope… it is illegal to discriminate in certain situations (job wise etc), but you’re allowed to be a racist…

Answer #3

Racism is not illegal but hate crime based on racism carries extra punch.

Answer #4

No…unless it’s offensive and or can indjure someone…then it’s illegal!!! But we are all black…just to different degrees of your colouring of pigmant!!! Freedom of speech is just freedom of speech… THEY ARE COMPLELY DIFFERANT TOPICS!!!♥ -S!!!

Answer #5

Well, any action or something they take offensive they can sue for its called like defamation I think. Yeah, there’s no such thing about complete freedom of speech. Its an ideal, although people shouldn’t be hateful.

Answer #6

To just be a racist…no but it is an ignorant way to live. However if you act on your beliefs with violence then it is illegal. If you would call someone names though they could sue you for defamation of character. But you wouldn’t normally go to jail just for talking unless of course you threaten someone.

Answer #7

Government can’t legislate how people think, no matter how ignorant that view is to most people.

Answer #8


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