why do I have to stay home on sundays?

every sunday I have to stay home and its so bored and I have to sleep too.my mom keeps on telling me to sleep on sundays and stay home.what do I do?

Answer #1

Use it to your advantage if you can- use the day to do your homework or study and that way you will have the rest of the week to have fun and maybe do things with friends? I would talk to your mom and ask about the rule and why it is in place- are you from a religious family? Maybe it is because Sunday is traditionally ‘the day of rest’ and so she believes it should be spent at home resting.

Talk to her and propose some activities you would like to do on a Sunday. Maybe get some new books to read, or ask if you can bake cakes together or do some crafts or something? You do not have to sleep all day, just compromise and find some activities to do around the house :) there is plenty of stuff you can do, just be creative. I do think you should talk to your mom about it though to clarify and maybe make a compromise if you are really unhappy with the situation.

Answer #2

try and tell her that you thats the only time you get to go out and hang around with your friends outside school

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