Entertain a toddler

I’m a stay at home mom and have two kids one in prek and the other is 19 months old. While my daughter is at school we usually stay at home, while I clean and cook my toddler just kinda roams the house, sometimes he gets really bored. I want to be able to play with him and can devote two hours of play but I just have no idea what to do, Any Ideas??

Answer #1

Could make a llittle playground or fort with him, you know kinda make an adventure. It’s what I do with my friends 18 month daughter and she loves it. Just grab blankets, pillows, and some chairs and be imaginative!

Hope I helped :)

Answer #2

Get down on his level, so he feels like he’s playing with another friendly toddler.

Not sure if boys would enjoy crafts, but he should enjoy pretty active games like Hide-and-Seek, Tag, etc.

Making a fort would also be fun!

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