How old should you be to be aloud to stay home alone?

I left my little sister’s alone and I’m not sure if they are old enough. What should I do

Answer #1

It depends on how old she is.

Answer #2

it all depends how muture they are, if they run around and say pody words then you should go home and check up on them and if they sit down do their how or watch TV withought no bad language or jumping around then they are muture enough most pple leave their kidz home alone from the ages of 11 and up but make sure you check up with a phone call once in a while

Answer #3

well it was yesturaday how old are they what happend how mature are they it depends are there mature leval

Answer #4

I was mature enough to be home alone at age nine. Haha, but you should really just go home and take care of them.

This is my 700th piece of advice!!! Sorry, I’m excited. :)

Answer #5

Well, age really isn’t the problem. It’s how mature they are. Some people are more adult-like at a younger age and some people dont grow up until they’re in their 30’s. Haha. So do you feel your little sisters can handle being alone or should you go back and supervise?

Answer #6

When you can spell allowed properly.

Answer #7

like 12 or 13

Answer #8

I was staying home alone like at 11 or 12. haha I had a great childhood, haha

Answer #9

If you have to ask, they are too young…go home.

Answer #10

Go back home, If something were to happen to them, it would be all your fault.

Answer #11

I would say about 13, but maybe younger depends how mature they are!

Answer #12

Well how old are they??? And I would say at lest 12

Answer #13

Go home.

Answer #14


Answer #15

when you can spell allowed the right way. and if ur babysitting them, than theyre probably too young.

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