Should I stay away from my stepdaughter?

I have two daughters and a stepdaughter and they dont get along.My stepdaughter is free and open-minded.Shes very manipulative and is like a trouble maker.Should I separate my daughters from her?I dont agree with the way she has been raised,What should I do?

Answer #1

sounds like she needs some boot camp. lol if I were you id b telling her father/mother to deal with her. like talk to her or punishments if that at all helps. im 23 now and I had problems where I was a run away or I would be very abuseive towards my mother and she had me put on pins/probation for 6 months. I was out of control at that point and I was in and out of safehouse’s,cottage homes,and a program called kids of oneida. its for teens that have behaviour problems. and eventually my attitude changed. so for now id give her space and just watch she doesn’t try anything with your 2 daughters. and you can FM me anytime if you need anymore advice or just somebody to talk. good luck. :)

Answer #2

For now, maybe so, but you cannot toss away a daughter simply because she is troubled. You must teach her right from wrong, that way your life can be simple again, yes? If need be, take her to a phychologist. It helps somewhat.

Answer #3

well maybe you really need to set down some ground rules first of all be a little more asurtive also try talking to your step daughter maybe take her out on a girls day and try to understand whats going on in her mind get to know her a little better maybe there is somthing really bothering her and this is her way of letting it out how do you say be strict but loving you have to make a balance

Answer #4

you should talk to the childs mother and let her know how her child been acting and you shud not let your child hang arund her becus she may turn them bad

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