Kids in sunday school

What method should I adopt to be a good sunday school teacher?this last sunday I thought everything was well prepared but kids did their best to mess everything up.I had prepered games and kids music and bible stories but I think sth didn’t work with my method.could anyone give me an idea,what should I do to make it more alive?

Answer #1

play games let them have fun let them colour pictures of bible stories. I was one I am only 17 the best thing is to make each one of them respect you and think you are fun. candy is a bribe! :P

Answer #2

Just let them draw pictures of bible scriptures or give them candy. There are lots of games for kids. They need to be reverent while in church. Kids love candy. As far as a method, you should quiet them down if they are out of control and make them sit down while you’re telling them stories from the bible. You can still play games. Maybe they don’t like some of the games you choose but, if you have candy along with those games, they’ll be allot happier. Make sure these kids are reverent during church services.

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