Who knows if the vinegar thing REALLY works?

Okay so my friend said when she went to Hawaii with her family,she did’t want her period. Her mom said to do the vinegar drink thing and it worked. My mom said it only works if you pur the vinegar in lime juice. How much vinegar do you drink? How many times a day do you drink it? I’m going on vacation to the Bahamas in 6 days and I’m due for my cycle on the day we leave. So does it work? Are there any other WORKING methods that are quick? Thank-you!!!

Answer #1

no, nothing can majically stops your peirod in a short amount of time if you dont want it to come so wether you like it or not its going to come

Answer #2

if you are already on the pill, there is something to do with skipping one or something that will stop your period, but its not to be used all the time. google it and it will come up.

There is a pill that oyu can take to stop your period, People use it on their wedding days etc. But its not recommended for use all the time. Like twice in your life sorta thing. Google it, I don’t know much about it either.

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