Is acid reflux a bad thing?

is acid reflux a bad thing, if so how bad?

Answer #1

no I have it. the only thing is that sometimes my neck/upper chest area feels irratated. it fees like stuff is comming up your throat, but its really not. its not bad, just annoying sometimes. I take medicine for it and im fine. this can be related to asthma, so if you have asthma you might see a link. when my asthma is bad, my reflux are always bad.

Answer #2

well its not that bad but it can be annoying and no one would really want it but if you get it there are things you can do to help stop it like medicine

Answer #3

not that bad no. my mum has it all you have to do is take gaviscon , LOADS of it until it settles down. my mums just got rid of it. and a few paracetamols.

Answer #4

There are meds that can help stop it and if you eat a healthy diet that can help as well. I know because I have it. Don’t drink pop, nor eat fatty foods. That so makes it worse. Also, will give you really bad heart burn. Drink plenty of water and eat whole grains and veggies. Good Luck!

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