Voices telling me to do bad things

What should I do if I hear voices telling me to do bad stuff and I dont know what to do

Answer #1

this happened to me before.. no big deal go to the phsyciatrist and they will screw your head on tight. Maybe its loose

Answer #2

Talk with someone. You should not be hearing voices. You may have a medical imbalance that is causing you to have these thoughts. You might get yourself checked out by a physician and maybe a psychiatrist. You can be helped but you need to take the first step.

Answer #3

Only listen to them if they are being nice. This may not help, but I often hear voices too. I’ve learned to live with it, although they used to be unbearable. They used to put me down all the time and tell me to go and die. But now they are nicer to me. It changed whenever my personality changed a bit. I was once the kind of person to let people insult me and get away with it, but I always stand up for myself now. Ever since I swore to myself that I’d never give in to those people again, the voices I hear have sort of made peace with me. I hope you find some comfort from this and know that you’re not alone. And to people who think I’M crazy, tell someone who cares! >:oD

Answer #4

It’s not like its really voices, like there’s little people in your head, saying things. It’s just you thinking. We all think weird stuff but we don’t act on them. Like, many times, I have thought about jumping out of my car going down the road. I know that I’m not going to do that. I think it’s normal to just think about doing things and then we get it out of our mind. Now, I guess, if you think stuff like that and you,actually, continue to fantasize about it or act on it, then you should see a doctor. That’s not normal.

Answer #5

Yeah, I would definitely recommend seeing someone. Talking to a professional should help get it straightened out. Good luck. :)

Answer #6

just do it and it might go away why is that what happens to you that would be mean or just prey…

Answer #7


Answer #8

imagine you do it and imagine your parents find out lol

Answer #9

go to sleep or somethin thats wut I do

Answer #10

u need to go talk to a psyciatrist

Answer #11

go to a therapist

Answer #12

Think of the consequences.

Answer #13

Tell them to shut up.

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