Which twilght team you on ??

Hey what team would you be on . Team Jacob ( aka taylor lautner ) , team Edward ( aka Robert Pattinson ) thoes have been the two mane ones everbody folks about . But if your a team Jasper, Bella , Esme , Carlisle , Emmet , Rosalie or who ever tell me .. I’m a team Jacob because he gets his heart broken way to many times in the book and I feel for him lol anther one would be because taylor lautner is hot hot hot . Screw Robert .. Well Robert does has his own little egde that’s atrackting .. And also tell me the character you super dislike .for me it’s Bella she’s horrable and she’s braking hearts alittle too much and I think she’s takeing control of Edward in the books like she made him stay from the fight when he really wanted to fight but it was luckey he stayed because bells would have been vamp chow for victoria lol so yea Bella ( aka kristen stewert ) makes the books and movies so intersting :) . she makes the books and the movies .in the last book I really thought she dies I was so sad lol .. don’t take this the wrong way I still think her character is a bitč h , but I’m a huge kristen stewet fan so plż don’t send me hate mail .I really love the books and the movie and I will probably love the the rest of the movies seqells ((-: plż answer - thanks <3

Answer #1

TEAM JACOB ALL DAY!!! Don’t even compare ugly azz Robert Pattinson to SEXY Taylor Lautner

Answer #2


Answer #3

I’m not a huge fan of Twilight but I’m team Jasper.

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