twilight saga covers?

what is the meaning of the Twilght cover(apple in the hands)?

what is the meaning of the New Moon cover(ruffled daisy)?

what is the meaning of the Eclipse over(ripped ribbion)?

I already no what Breaking Dawns is. the purpose is showing Bella moving up from a pawn(weak and usless) to the Queen(strong and powerful)

Answer #1

APPLE: is the “forbidden fruit”, wich in this case is Bella.

FLOWER: I think it symbolizes the flower that Jake gives Bella on Valentines Day. I don’t know. that’s just me.

RIBBON: the break between the choice that Bella must make. To be with Edward or Jacob.

CHECKERS: I think it’s the way Bella protects Renesmee. Renesmee is the red, living, heart beating symbol, and Bella is the cold, white, vampire symbol. Protecting her daughter from the Volturi.

Answer #2

For the apple, it is considered the “forbidden fruit” and Edward is that forbidden fruit.

For the ruffled daisy, Stephanie didnt pick the cover for that book, so I’m guessing you just have to use your imagination. for me, it means since Edward left her, her life is falling apart, thus the flower tilting down/falling apart. and she is being drained lifeless as time goes on, because all of the red is going to the bottom, leaving the top white, and lifeless.

For eclipse, One end symbolizes Edward, the other end symbolizes Jacob.The ribbon symbolizes her two choices of love or the person she can choose to stay with. Also, it symbolizes the choices bella has.One to become a vampire and stay with edward, or stay human and stay with jacob.

Answer #3

the apple: the temptation of her blood and the forrbiden love.

Ruffeled flower: It means that she is left lifeless when edward leaves but then jacob brings the life back to her

ribbon: her love for jacob and edward but she choose edward and that means her love for jacob is strained.

Checkered board: it shows that when bella was a weak human( the white pawn) to when she becomes a vampire( the red queen)

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