What should I write about wanting to be score keeper?

Ok well I tried out for the volleyball team for myself and others.. my first year but I didnt make it. our school goes down to walla walla. another reason for wanting be on the team was to go with my boyfriend. so my boyfriend told me to be the score keeper. my asked my teacher and he said that I have to write him a letter tell him why I wan to go and why he should take me. so I need some help!!!

Answer #1


Sports are an important part of any individual life, but they can particularity influence students. Sports provide several useful things. They provide a healthy, physical activity that can be continued for life, team mates that frequently become close, lifelong friends, and entertainment. Teenagers who play sports statistically are less likely to be regular drug users and typically have higher grades. Sports are even beneficial to the viewers. Individuals who watch sports are provided with a safe means of entertainment, and those that play the sport in addition are able to gather information about how to improve their own games. I myself play volleyball, and whenever I watch others play, I study their technique and strategy to improve my skills. I think that sports are very important to any individual’s life. Even though I have yet to acquire the skills necessary to participate on this year’s volleyball team, I would like the opportunity to be scorekeeper. Simply by watching, I can improve my own game and still participate, albeit in a small way, in an activity that I find crucial in shaping who I am as a human being. Sports teach hard work and dedication, two characteristics I value strongly and wish to foster in myself. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to participate, as I would greatly value the opportunity.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

(first and last name)
Answer #2

The very kind soul who wrote the letter above was quite generous with his or her time. But I would advise you not to plagiarize the letter. A teacher will recognize instantly a letter a student didn’t write him or herself. That’ll be embarrassing when you’re busted. More importantly, ask yourself if following a boyfriend is the best thing for your growth and long-term happiness. Think of the time and energy that’ll be going into this responsibility on the team. Find a sport or drama club or something you can get into. Girls who have their own lives going on are more attractive to boys, not those who just follow boys around to their sports activities.

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