What are special methods to write poetry and songs?

I’m into writing and just curious if anybody has any special methods they use to help them. Is there a special place you write? What do you think about? How do you feel? Do you share it with others? What kind of stuff do write? I love heart-touching poetry and songs and I want to become a little better writer. I have a creative mind, but I guess I’m still learning how to use it more for poetry. I have written a few good ones, but want to become better. I’m also on the school Speech Team and am hoping this might give me an advantage.Thanks! XOXO

Answer #1

http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/Stories-FanStories {this my site} try writting.com also

Answer #2

I usually write better when im in a emotional state of mind. Whether thats happy or angry. ill snatch up a pen and a pad and let it flow.

Answer #3

when i write a poem or song or w/e i think of a subject an then jusdt tihnk of 20 words having to do with the subject and then it just evolves i use one word per sentance and fill in that sentance with other words that are related to that one word….think its complicated??its not

Answer #4

THINK OUT SIDE THE BOX that is all I can say dont be afraid to be different be your self and write form the heart and then it does not matter.

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