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Differenences Between American and British English

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In British English the present perfect is used to express an action that has occurred in the recent past that has an effect on the present moment. For example:

I've lost my key. Can you help me look for it? In American English the following is also possible: I lost my key. Can you help me look for it? ___- There are two forms to express possession in English. Have or Have got

Do you have a car? American Have you got a car? British He hasn't got any friends. B He doesn't have any friends. A She has a beautiful new home. A She's got a beautiful new home. B

Mean: (American English - angry, bad humored, British English - not generous, tight fisted) Rubber: (American English - condom, British English - tool used to erase pencil markings)

Words ending in -or (American) -our (British) color, colour, humor, humour, flavor, flavour etc. Words ending in -ize (American) -ise (British) recognize, recognise, patronize, patronise etc

American English - on the weekend / British English - at the weekend American English - on a team / English - in a team American English - please write me soon / British English - please write to me soon ... ... why are we different? it's confusing!!!