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Ok he is on the soccer team and im a manager for it and everytime I am about to do something he kicks the ball out and then I get to give it to him and then everyone is quit and his dad says my name and no one else said it and I really am getting confused if he likes me because today he had a girls name written on his hand but he thinks he is getting be jealous because I think I got him jealous today because I was in a group of guys and then he went to these two girls and I would like to tell him that I dont get jealous that easally but I don’t know how because I dont want him to say I dont like you like that when he is acting like this still and also he says something under his breath and I don’t know what he is saying and each time I say what he says oh nothing when you can tell its something sooo someone please give me advice on this guy he is soo confussing. :-/ and thisok today this group of girls this guy hangs out with asked me if I thought if he was hott and I said no because I didnt want to start a drama thing and the whole time he was playing soccer it felt like he could not take his eyes off me like when he was to kick the ball in he waited until I was watching and his dad knows my name when no one said my name around him at all so im asking does he like me or not because I would like to know.

Answer #1

I think you should pull him aside and talk to him about it just to clear all this up because if not it’s going to start effecting your soccer, that’s all you’ll be thinking about. So pull him aside and be like “What do you keep whispering? How does your dad know my name? I see you looking at me too”… that kind of stuff. Just to clear the air about everything.

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