Where are the witches?

I’m a Wiccan and I’ve been looking and there are no Wiccan or pAgan shops near Birkenhead or Liverpool. And there are no covens. WHERE are THE WITCHES

Answer #1

these type of shops??? these are all in liverpool

/// Zambala /// Zambala specialises in the artifacts and products associated with the eastern and western esoteric traditions. The eclectic mix of wares include: crystals, polished stones, crystal balls and semi-precious sterling silver jewellery, pure essential oils, creams, balms, fragrances, bath and beauty products, ritual, magical and healing items, incenses from the old and new worlds, home-blended incense mixes and incense ingredients in their raw state. Zambala offers a friendly, personal service ( with lots of in-depth background knowledge of the products) to their customers.

95 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UP. 0151 727 3108 /// Heaven on Earth /// Heaven on Earth stock a wide range of crystals, incense and wands, with the addition of tarot cards, jewellery and various other Pagan items. About the only place that stocks Pagan stuff in Liverpool its definitely worth having a look!

1st Floor, Quiggins Shopping Centre, School Lane, Liverpool, L1 /// News From Nowhere /// News From Nowhere is a ‘radical and community bookshop’ that stocks a large number of titles, anything from lesbian and gay politics to environmental studies! As well as these they have a Wicca/Paganism section and books on spirituality, meditation, healing and much more. Plus, they can order almost any title in print and are well worth checking out.

96 Bold St. Liverpool, L1 4HY. 0151 708 7270 /// Dragon Indulgence /// We stock a varity of New age produtcs and crystals. Authentic Native American Indian crafts the have been fairly traded with the tribes. We also stock fair trade foods, Traditional candy and a selection of vegan and vegetarian chocolate and candy canes.

Upstairs at: Grand Central Hall, Unit 7, Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SF

Answer #2

Unless your 18 I wouldn’t worry to much about finding a coven. They are not allowed to enter you in untill your legal. Try studying on your own and with friends and get as much info in as you can so that when your 17 you can look for a coven and ask if they are looking for new members. I found my coven through friends of the craft but they would not enter me untill I was legally 18.

If you ever need to talk, your neighbouring wytch here with advice


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