Did anyone Float in the Salem Witch trials?

In the salem witch trials they threw the suspected witch into the water and if they drowned they were not witches, if they floated aka saved themselves the were witches. Did anyone float?

Answer #1

This is quite interesting =] I was learning about the Salem witch trials quite recently…I was studying “The Crucible” By Arthur Miller at school. I guess most of them drowned..with the humiliation of becoming a witch. It’s weird to think how much society has changed haha WITCH WITCH!

Answer #2

I don’t think anyone floated. I believe that once they reached the point of the test, the witches were pretty much about to die. puritan savages!!

Answer #3

You have it backwards: The “logic” went like this - Witches fly, therefore witches are “light” a duck flies, a duck is light, and a duck floats, therefore is the woman floats in the water she must be a witch - if she sinks and drowns- she died innocent. It has been more recently determined that the root cause of the Salem incidents was contaminated rye flour - containing the fungus ERGOT - which is a Lysergic Acid Amide, similar to LSD and prone to causing hallucinations, paranoia, etc. (along with Gangrene poisoning as it is a powerful vasoconstrictor) This also happened in France, causing a whole village of people to see “demons” witches, etc. etc.

Answer #4

well they wouldnt actully be able to float as such because when they were dunked as a test they were usally strapped onto some kinda dunking device and the test wasnt to see if they would float so much but if they could hold there breath, if after so long they were brought up and were still breathing then they were classed as a witch and burned or hung, but if they died then they were seen as inocnet , either way they were screwed tho! xxx

Answer #5

Thats interesting, see I dont know much about it, just what I’ve heard here and there. THis question just randomly popped in my head and iw as curious. thanks for all the info lol

Answer #6

Actually, during the Salem Witch Trials, the women weren’t “dunked.” They were hanged, and one man was pressed to death.

Answer #7

None of them floated, but some of them did weigh the same as a duck.

Answer #8

I don’t know, it’d be kinda funny if they would’ve… that’s an interesting question…

Answer #9

Hahaha lmao :D

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