Witches and religion

I watched a programme were “christians” killed there own children and babies within communities becasue they said they were “witches”. Also many parents abandaned there children becasue of this What do you think about this subject?

Answer #1

What, is it a criminal offence just to merely state? get off my @ss & ride those you deserve it. I never said I was ignoring it now have I? So you can stop putting words in my mouth, ty. The only thing that can really be done is to actually educate the youth & have it eventually fade.

Answer #2

Ok, I will say this flat out: It is very stupid!

How can someone do that? Real life witches don’t do that and Christians to air that is so STUPID!

This is why I dislike many Christians…

I have christian friends but you know they don’t take it that far!

To air something like that is sue able…

Answer #3

that people are insane…thats all im going to say

Answer #4

Religion, when taken too far, kills. Religion is always taken too far by some portion of the population.

It does only harm.

Answer #5

I am a pagan witchcraft practitioner and I think its very wrong for we wouldnt kill christians… or I wouldnt anyway, christians have the wrong end of the stick on this subject, for example I dont even beleve in satan, we have our own set of gods and goddesses, we are nothing evil, magik is a tool its yur own intentions that fuel the meaning behind it, for example if a christian killed a witch with a sword is the sword evil? no the christian who had the intention of killing is, magik is not evil or satantic its what you make out of it, but my parents are christian and they dont know im pagan, but they have the wrong end of the stick too

I think its disgusting and horrible

Answer #6

All the wars of religion are all do to biblical religions. In my honest opinion it might be so if the biblical ones were banned. But banning religion is not going to do anything, as proven by the surviving celts, pagans & such(no I’m not talking about the ones that just one day decided to become one, I’m talking about the real survivers by blood). I think it would of been better if it were just never made.

Answer #7

I think it’s a sorry excuse for child abuse, murder, and abandonment. No mother or father in their right mind WOULD EVER do that to their own children. Then again, they are obviously not in their right mind, they have been brainwashed by their religion. It’s extremely sad that people like that believe everything that is forced down upon them.

If they truly believe in hell, be sure they will be there when they die for killing or abandoning an innocent child.

Answer #8

The ancient Pagans actually would have the Christians put in lion pits. But hey, it wasn’t half as bad was what Christians did to the witches. & when trying to strive & hold power, people make other people do stupid things through brainwashing. The spartens would kill their own child if it turned out to be disabled in any manner. Few slipped the radar. It’s what people do when they do in the delusion of the strive for being pure, the strongest, or whatever it is they’re stringing for.

Answer #9

what you on about luv calm down and matter how much you educate people your still going to get a few mad ones who go around killing people- we’ll never be rid of it no matter how much education you want to give children

Answer #10

I agree it child abuse- well yeh seen as though they kill there children its disgusting. I dont understand how people can call themselves religius when they do that

Answer #11

I think its things like this that make me think the world would be better of if religion was banned alltoeghter. Also taking in to account all the wars and terrorism over religion…

Answer #12

Well ye oubviusly that would be better but it has been made!!!

So you cant just ignore things like that when people are getting killed

Answer #13

All sorts of evil have occurred by people committing evil deeds under the cloak of Religion - no religion is immune - they may get away with it for a time but judgement will come.

Answer #14

its what happens when religion gets carried to far. Im a Wiccan and a Witch this should not have been acceptable

Answer #15

very very sick people…their beliefs were poisonous.

Answer #16

Like I said it will fade but not completley sry I’m a bit…well it’s that time a month so I’ve been a b*th latley(thankfully it only comes once every 3 motnhs for me) I meant no offence

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