When do you think the world iz gonna end???

I watched 2012 last week and it was very good and I’d cry if it really ended the way it did in the movie. I believe that one day tho that da world will end because I’ve read the bible and I believe that God will come bac for us and I just wanna know you guys opinions!!!

Answer #1

I watched 2012 last week and it was very good

That movie was a TURD. Its the first movie I’ve seen where John Cusack FAILED to make it good. Roland Emmerich needs to stop relying on mammoth special effects budgets to convey his subtle anti-establishment political ideals.

I’ve read the bible and I believe that God will come bac for us and I just wanna know you guys opinions

You need to read it more, because according to the Bible, it will be JESUS that comes back for you… not God…

Answer #2

its true the world will end, revelation is a proof and more! lol it wll be called the rapture and many things will happen so yea if you wanan know moreu can ask :)

Answer #3

Bornagain has answered this question very well. No One Knows When the world is going to end Only Jehovah God Knows That His son Jesus Doesnt Even Know. Youu Should Read Matthew 24:3-15 thats when jesus diciples ask him to give them signs on when the day would come and its very clear.

Answer #4

I agree with Bornagain. The bible does say that no man knows the day nor the hour, not even Jesus knows, only the Father.

Answer #5

According to the book To God be the Glory, written by Dr. Harold Camping, the day of Rapture is May 21, 2011. I have a copy of the book beside me as I type this. So there is the definitave answer.

Answer #6

the world will end when our current govt here in the US gets done with it.

Answer #7

I have it on good authority the world is going to end AFTER my birthday 22nd December 2012 and not 21st of December as previously announced…They decided to single me out as the special freak who deserves to have the last celebration then afterwards there will be a massive ‘bang’ and fireworks…Open invitations to all, drinks at the door. :)

On a serious note, the end of day will arrive one day and Christ will return, but unfortunately no-one knows the exact time, day, month or year, except our Lord (that’s if you believe in God), otherwise your all screwed, start saying your prays sinners. ;) (TONGUE IN CHEEK HUMOUR, ONLY JOKING PEOPLE, don’t get your knickers in a knot).

Answer #8

It wont for thousands of years (guessing of course) I mean we had all those stupid predictions with like the mellenium bug and stuff but as long as the human race is alive these little predictions will last. Don’t be afraid, if you believe in God there’s no need to be afraid!

Answer #9

the bible says in Matthew 24:36 [ No One Knows That Day and Hour ] “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

One thing I know for sure is that the book of Daniel predicted the great earthly kingdoms that would rule …Babylon, greece, medio/persia, rome then Christ will return. All these prophecies came through in the perfect order and timeline. the only one yet to come through is the Kingdom of heaven.(Crist’s return).

It is fair to say Christ could return any day, the important thing is for us prepare for his second coming. the bible gives a criteria for who will go to heaven, so please, please you have to study it.

Answer #10

The sun with also one day turn into a Red Giant, engulphing the Earth. This won’t be for millions of years. And not based upon GOD. This is science.

Answer #11

I think it will end in 2097 and I bet just to be an arse ill be watching re-runs of buck rogers in the 2100 century

I like buck rogers

Answer #12

It depends on what you mean by the world ending. When most people say that phrase, what they really mean is ‘when do you think humans will die out’? Even in 2012, the planet was never in any danger. It was only the people living on it that had cause to worry. Even in the worst nuclear scenario imaginable, the world will manage to get by just fine.

I think the planet itself has a few billion more years left in it, barring an encounter with a a wandering black hole, chuck of antimatter, or collision with another planet, but if humanity manages to not obliterate itself for another 10,000 years, it’ll be a bloody miracle.

Answer #13

I think it ends when you die

Answer #14

I dont think it will end till god says so!

Answer #15

If the world ends it won;t e because of GOD. It will be based on man. Nuclear Winter.

Answer #16

Nobody knows when it will end, but on judgement day when God comes back for us, you have to prepared(: So live everyday as if its your last and stay true to God.

And I was just thinking didn’t the world kinda already end once before in the Bible with the great flood? I mean everyone died but 2 people.

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