When and how do you think the world will end?

Does anybody beleive it will be 2012? 2060? 1 billion years from now? 5 billion years from now? The Mayans beleive it will be December 21, 2012. It is confirmed that in 1 billion years the Earth will become incapable of sustaing life due to the Sun’s increasing height. After about 5 billion years the Sun will scorch the Earth, and in 6 billion years the Sun will become a white dwarf supplying no heat, so all the planets will freeze, but the Earth could be destroyed much sooner than this. What do you guys think?

Answer #1

The Mayans beleive it will be December 21, 2012.

Are you sure they believe the world will end, or is that simply the day their calendar ends?

It is confirmed that in 1 billion years the Earth will become incapable of sustaing life due to the Sun’s increasing height.

…confirmed, eh? It’s more of a prediction, according to their calculations.

Answer #2

so well just use all of its resources,suck it dry and move on to the next planet till we finish that one off too…dosent that say something about this great civilization…id rather die.

Answer #3

Who said the world was going to end in 1900? Just curious as I like to reserach the beleifs of different cultures. If you could tell me where you got 1900 from, I would very much appreciate it. Thank You for your time.

Answer #4

I think the world may well end in around a billion years. Sooner, if a large asteroid strikes the earth prior to the earth (man) having the ability to defend the earth.

Considering the advancement in knowledge and technology of the human species in the past 50,000 years, I think man will have advanced far enough in the next couple thousand years where he is traveling among the stars and will be able to evacuate the earth prior to its demise.

Answer #5

I belive 2012 the mayans have predicted many other things before.its pretty amazing…that and I belive ww3 will happen soon.every country is mad at eachother…and now theyve got nuclear bombs!!!also I dont see humans doing too much about global warming or deforestation or species going extinct…or aids or hunger or anything else for that matter…itll be over soon…so enjoy life now…because it wont be around for much longer.

Answer #6

well I dont beleive anythinng religions are saying but on the news about 2 years ago there was a giant metaroid that was heading for earth and it would hit in 2009 it was so big that it would have wiped the world out however they stoped showing it after that one time for some reason so who knows but its likely that something like that will cause the earths destruction that and the greed of man

Answer #7

I heard it was going to end dec 21 to but they said it was going to end in 1900 2 so it may or may not

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