When do I eat breakfast, before or after exercise?

I wake up at about 8 a.m. and do 20 minute walk to drop my sibling off at school, then when I get back I do a 1 hour workout. By the time this is done it is about 10 a.m. I have been eating after I complete my work out, which means I go 2 hours without eating upon waking up. I read somewhere it is better to eat before you workout because it helps you burn fat/calories more easier. I also read if you don’t eat before workout in the morning you will lose basically no fat. Is this true?

Answer #1

You may run out of energy and not workout as hard if you had no breakfast before. I think is good to eat a healthy breakfast then wait an hour while drinking plenty of fluids and then workout.

Answer #2

Hi =) Well if you eat first then yeah, you’re supposed to wait about an hour before any physical activities (if you dont your stomach muscles can cramp… not pleasant =/ ). Otherwise just do it after, because you burn more calories after you excersize. Why? Because you’re building up your metabolism (which burn calories) when you exersize. Thus, if it’s built up your going to burn more.

Hope I’ve helped!! X)

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