When did the mayans say the world will end?

When did the mayans say the world was going to end? Wasn’t it soon? Should be interesting to see what happens.

Answer #1

Mikeh - you cannot speak for everyone…especially when you are speaking from your ignorance.

If you want to know who slaughtered the Mayans go and find out - maybe you will be given a list of names and addresses and you can go visit them individually and criticize them.

Answer #2

course, the chinese zodiac, which is very vague on actual years, says the beginning of the age of enlightenment is sometime soon… could just be the beginning of a new era of humanity

Answer #3

uh… not really, thank you, come again, goodbye, have a nice day, come out of your cave and read some interesting random facts about other cultures

Answer #4

December 21 2012 is when their calendar ENDS. And its been accurate to the earth’s revolution around the sun and other events so far. So yeah, have all the fun you can in the next 4 years just in case.

Answer #5

“Well… the Mayan calender doesnt really point to an end in 2012 it just got cut short… they would have extended it but they all got slaughtered.”

In what way did I misunderstand “but they ALL got slaughtered” ?

Those are YOUR words not mine…

Answer #6


… you are confessing…

…how brave.

Answer #7

A dangerous person indeed is someone with a little bit of unverified knowledge, poor grammar, and an internet connection.

Answer #8

So…who slaughtered them?

Answer #9


Answer #10

They got slaughtered? This is news to…everyone! By whom were they slaughtered?

Answer #11

uh oh - someone better tell the existing mayans that ALL their ancestors were slaughtered… Perhaps the Mayans also invented artificial insemination…

More than 350,000 Mayans living in the Yucatan speak Yukatek Mayans and most speak Spanish as a second language, primarily learned in school.

The clothing worn is as it was in the past. It is relatively easy to determine the village in which the clothing was made by the type of embroidery, color, design and shape.

Mayans women can be seen wearing huipils, simple cotton dresses decorated with embroidery. The designs in their embroidery and weaving can be traced back to pre-Columbian times.

Although Mayans in other parts of Central America choose to limit contact with outside influences, Mayans working in the tourist industry are generally open to conversation with polite strangers and if asked will teach you a Mayan phrase or two.

In the Indian communities, as it was with their Mayan ancestors, the basic staple diet is corn.

Mayan dialects of Qhuche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, and Mam are still spoken today, although the majority of Indians also speak Spanish.

Answer #12

You are such babies…

Why dont you read what is written,

I have asked other people who they think got slaughtered according to my original post and they unhesitatingly say it was the astronomers.

I didn’t say ALL the Mayans got slaughtered - I was referring to the astronomers.

( Mikeh - I suppose you want to know WHO “unhesitatingly” understands plain English better than you ! )

So who slaughtered the astronomers…?… the clue is in the language the survivng Mayans now speak.

Those same people melted down almost everything that was made of gold belonging to the Mayans because they did not understand the significance of the artifacts.

Mikeh, do me a favour, do yourself a favour… and do the rest of the universe a favour and…GROW UP !

Answer #13

you can add lots of differents dates and get all these numbers you people are saying that have a great significance to the world someone please tell me where the mayans actually say this will be the end of the world… I dont think they say that its just the end of their calander… nothing happend on 6-06-06 nothing happend with the y2k people now a days just want to cash in or whatever to get their names out… the world we live in is based on FEAR everyone because that is what sells! if everyone would just love everyone we would live in a better world, but that seems hard for people to do… why???

Answer #14

Well… the Mayan calender doesnt really point to an end in 2012 it just got cut short… they would have extended it but they all got slaughtered.

They were excellent astronomers.

Answer #15

Some people say 12-21-12 while others say it is 12-12-12. 12-12-12 is kind of spooky if you do your math. It is exactly 6 months, 6 days and 6 years after 6-6-06. Count the ones and the 3s seperate also.

Answer #16

Some people say 12 21 12 while others say it is 12-12-12 which is exactly 6 months 6 days and 6 years after 6-6-06. Also count the ones and 2s seperate. That is spooky a bit. What do you think? Coensidence?

Answer #17

Oh god, if Mikeh and Weighwood continue this any longer, I’ll have some good material for a web comic! Let’s place bets here on who’s going to give up flaming first!

Weighwood: Mikeh was BAITING you with what you should have realized was blatant sarcasm… now you’re a fish on a hook. You’re telling him to grow up, but it’s clearly YOU that needs to grow up and stop being an oblivious flamer.

Mikeh: You’re just another person behind me in the line wishing there was a way to convey sarcasm in text as well as you could in speech. On a side note: the only thing more dangerous than a person with unverified knowledge, poor grammar, and an internet connection, is a person with all of the above, and a penchant for tYPinG like diS.

Answer #18

lol it’s not bullsht.. I dunno if the world will end or if it’s evolution or spiritual revolution… it may not actually be the end of the world… but he’s got the date right… 12-21-12… which is 3-3-3 lol, unless you do the 2012 then it’s 3-3-5 which = 11 which is a master number of spiritual enlightenment… Other cultures point to the same date as the mayans, it’s not just them… go to google and search for a few things… #1, search for “The number 33”… You’ll find a lot of stuff that shows how this number is involved in our world… #2, search for “2012”. Look for the wikipedia article on the mayan doomsday. Do a little reasearch, and then come back and say that it’s BullSht.. I hope the world doesn’t end that soon, I’ll only be 29 :(… and my kids will be young… There was a lost book of nostradamus just recently discovered, called the lost book or somethin, it’s in wikipedia too… He predicted 2012 as well as the mayans… and he described the end of the world and it matches what the sceintists think will happen. Keep in mind he also and Metal plates put into his chest, these metal plates had a date on them. the date was the date his body would be dug up by a frenchman, (which happened) and then the frenchman would try to drink wine from his skull, and then be shot in the back. And his prediction came true, 100%… Think what you want, but we won’t be here forever, I just hope it’s not that soon…

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