Whats your favorite snack?

Mine is fries and COffee Tofffee twisted frostys haha. Whats urs

Answer #1

oh god I have lotsa fave foods D= hmmm I relly like cookies and cream ice cream, or twinkies! OR corn nuts! the ranch flavorrr =D tastey

Answer #2

ermm chocolate chip cookies with white chips and milk =P

Answer #3

yummy good choice, looove coffee toffie frostie;D right now I like lucky charms and peanut butter^_^ but not together at the same time…though maybe…oh well;D

Answer #4

Maguro nigiri. I’ve been dreaming of it alll day, and I’m almost there.

Answer #5

mmm I love sour gummy worms

Answer #6

I love eating sour gummy worms, and fuzzy peaches!

Answer #7

Fries :) (I’m eating some now) And gummy bears xD

Answer #8

Oreo cookies and milk OR Lemon pancakes

Answer #9

My favorite snack is Tang Hu Lu (a sugarcoated haws on a stick), which is a traditional snack in Beijing. I like it very much. Besides, there are many snacks in Beijing. You can have a taste of it if you have an opportunity to go to Beijing. www.foreignercn.com

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