Whats your favorite lunch?

Whats your favourite lunch to take to work or school?

Do you have any home made lunch ideas?

No fast food pweez :-)

Answer #1

I dont have a lunch to take to school because at home I dont have time to make a lunch lol but I dont really care about having a lunch. xoxo

Answer #2

Basicly a Sandwich, Yogurt, and Water. That’s what I sometimes take to school or picnics.

Answer #3

Yogurt and veges+dip is my favorite. It is easy to bring, easy to eat and easy to prepare.

Answer #4

Mmm, soup:D.. or pasta you make in the morning and then have it coldd:D[with toppings of corsee XD]

Answer #5

I dont have lunch at my work

Answer #6

lol! why not?

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