Whats a quick snack I cud makee

??? A quick nice snack without using the stovee( im too lazy)

But using the microwavee is okayy.

Something good thoughhh.

Chankss ;d

Answer #1

fruit smoothie, milkshake, toast, sandwhich, fruit kabob, other kabob, stuff like that lol, hope this helps! great, now im starving! lol :) later! (its almost dinner anyway)

Answer #2

yeh noodles are nice ;) also: sandwhiches toast smoothie

Answer #3

Noodles PB&J Sandwich Bulloni Sandwich

That’s all I have in mind.

Answer #4

Umm peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a cheese casadia lol however you spell it or a nacho =]

Answer #5

^^ my food closets emptyy lol

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