Whats your favorite cookie?

Whats your favorite cookie?

mines chocolate chip!

Answer #1

Oh wow… a7x you SO just made me want a freshly baked sugar cookie… lol But to answer the question, my favorite cookies are chocolate chip, sugar, snickerdoodle!

Answer #2

Chocolate Chip all the way! But I do like oreos and sugar cookies too, especially when you bake them and then spinkle sugar over them while they’re still warm… YUMMY! lol

Answer #3

mc d0nals ch0c0late chip c00kies are my fav0rite… =]

Answer #4

mine are peanut butter withh the hershey in the middle. I have in right now! lol

Answer #5

lol SUB WAY COOKIES!!! cookies are my weakness lol..

Answer #6

mines homemade sugar cookies

Answer #7

choclate chip is my least favorite =P

my favorite is oatmeal raisin<3333

Answer #8

oatmeal rasins lol

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