Whats your favorite kinda gum?

Whats your fav kinda gum? Mine is double bubble lol

Answer #1

aghhh… I can’t decide from rain5 or stride!!! they’re both real good and long lasting!! either one is good, I love the blue stride tho =)

Answer #2

My favorite kind of gum is Big Red the synomond. I love how it tastes since it’s kind of hot on you’re mouth at first but, then, it’s good since it doesn’t lose flavor. Then, another kind of gum I like to chew sometimes, is Juicy fruit. Now, that kind of tastes like bubble gum in a way, but, not quite.

Answer #3

Chewing gum is a particular enemy of those determined to avoid the pot-bellied pig look. Researchers at the American College of Gastroenterology found that it makes you swallow a lot of air, which inflates the belly until it is expelled.

Answer #4

I like the new Fruit Sensations gum. it last forever(:

Answer #5

it does not make you fat!!! I chew gum all the time and im not fat

Answer #6

trident and bubblicious

Answer #7

well still me and my frenns chew gum and were not fatt

Answer #8

5 gum =]

Answer #9

well,mine is juicy fruit.

Answer #10

I stopped chewing gum ,, it makes you fat !!!

Answer #11


Answer #12


Answer #13

big red ooo yeeeaaa

Answer #14

Orbit…it cleans another dirty mouth lol…and it tastes good.

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