Whats your favorite food in Thanksgiving?

Whats your favortie food in thanksgiving??

Answer #1

I don’t like thanksgiving food lol so I only drink water

Answer #2

turkey and pretzel salad my mom makes it has pretzels crushed up, strawberry jello, strawberries, and cool whip all in layers. it’s ammaaazinngg

Answer #3

Wow really??? Nothing…thats a suprise.

Answer #4

Pumpkin pie!

Answer #5

mashed potatoes and stuffing!!! everything but the turkey =]

Answer #6

Stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

Answer #7

Turkey and pumkin pie! yay my favorites!

Answer #8

All of it Stuffing and sweet potatoes.

Answer #9

Cranberry-Orange relish Turkey Stuffing Gravy

Answer #10

Turkey and Pumkin pie

Answer #11

stuffing and cranberry sauce!

Answer #12

mashed potatoes

Answer #13

broccoli and stuffing!!

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