What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Okay I know some of the basic stuff but I would like to know the main differences between demorcrats and republicans.

Answer #1

Nothin now. They are both out to screw the middle class. The republicans are for big government and peoples rights and dems are for small governments and less rights. Simple as that but now they are both the same and don’t give a darn about the middle class or the working man. Also they want to take your rights away,

Answer #2

democrats don’t care about the world and don’t care if it gets destroyed. basically, they suck. [not democratic people. just the officials like obama]

Answer #3

Republicans are “What’s in it for me?” people and pretty much only care for themselves. As long as they have what they need, they don’t think about the needy. Where as if they needed help they expect other people to help them. Unlike Republicans, Democrats actually care. ;))

Answer #4

theres republicrats and demicans the real discussion should be conservative vs. liberal right vs. left conservative believe in tradition while the liberals believe tradition isn’t important. liberals are “if it feels good do it” which isn’t always good for you. conservatives believe in smaller government resulting in lower taxes. liberal believe in larger government resulting in higher taxes. liberals believe thats its societies fault that someone has failed not the individuals fault for being lazy. conservative lean more towards capitalism while liberals lean towards socialism.

Google socialism and read the definition and then google capitalism and you will notice a tremendous differents.

thank for reading my input

Answer #5

eiliocityboy, if you don’t like the Democrats and you don’t like McCain, then why vote for either of them? There are 3rd party/indepedent candidates available to you, and if none of them appeal to you, you can always write someone in.

You’re vote isn’t going to swing the election, so you might as well vote for who you want, regardless of whether or not you think it’s possible for them to win.

Answer #6

As I said I am an latino immgrant who just became american citzen.In 2000 I was sad because I could not help gore in fl,in 2004 I went 3 months depression when kerry lost,in 2008 my vote for Hillary did not count.And the Dnc decide to use the race card against hillary supporters.That why sad to say I will vote republican in nov,I really dislike the reps,but let’s open an expection for a war hero John Mc Cain.

Answer #7


Rayychel, I LOVE your comments. Because you just GIVE me so many oppurtunitys to prove you wrong :).

Al Gore is a democrat. He won a nobel peace prize. He’s for Obama.

McCain wants to drill oil offshore. And also gets money from big oil companys.

Obama wants to help you save gas. He thinks drilling oil offshore would be alright for awhile, but not forever. He’s coming up with a way so that we won’t be so dependent on Oil.

Answer #8

@ Deerhunter270,

“The republicans are for big government and peoples rights and dems are for small governments and less rights.”

Actually, Democrats have traditionally supported larger government, while the Republicans have worked for smaller government (less welfare programs, educational assistance from the government, privatized healthcare). However, the Bush administration has gone against this by exploding governmental programs more than anyone since FDR’s administration.

Answer #9

Republicans are more about taking care of yourself while Democrats want the government to step in on every little detail.

Answer #10

AL GORE?!!! HOLy uhm… CRAP!!! al gore is a lunatic makes crazy hand signal

Answer #11

democrats are all about the people while republicans are more about themselves and money

Answer #12

OMG I did not do that last one someone must of hacked into mine

Answer #14

yeah. al gore is pretty much insane.

Answer #15

There’s very little difference between them in practice. It’s all rhetoric.

Answer #16

they both want a clean enviroment!!

Answer #17

im a democrat=] hehe. kbye.

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