Am I Democrat or Republican?

Am I democrat or Republican, because my parents are so far from politics, that they’ve never taught me stuff like this.

I believe in Pro-Choice and the death penalty, but only in certain cases for both situations.
I do believe in invading Iraq, but do strongly believe we should return our troops home soon, after another year of our guidance.
I believe in tax-cuts in general, but am not well informed there, so cant tell my entire view.
Immigration I believe should be something that has restrictions, but also allows people to have opportunities to come and succeed, only after they’ve taken proper legal steps. I believe there should be some affordable healthcare system to help those without insurance, but not something for everyone all around as I believe that would hurt the economy in the long run.

These are all the topics I can think of for now… what would you say I was?

Answer #1

Actually, both parties have enough divirsity to include someone with your views.

Often it comes down to a philosophical allignment as much as your feelings on particular issues.

Who do you trust more, Government or Corporations? If you trust Government more than you lean Democrat, if you trust Business more than you lean Republican.

Answer #2

thanks guys. It’s hard knowing your views but when someone asks you which side of the fence you stand on, you have no idea.

I wish I knew more about how this kind of stuff works, politics and such. I do watch the news and read the paper, but because I don’t know how the laws and legislations are run, nothing seems to be understandable.

Answer #3

you should be neither

Answer #4

Hmm yeah I would think more republican than democrat… But remember you dont have to call yourself one or another because people tend to associate certain beliefs with labels that may not be true of you… (for example calling yourself Republican would make most people assume you are pro-life, anti gay, favor capital punishment etc etc…) And when it comes down to voting you really should look at what the candidates are saying, especially since you dont seem to be leaning strongly to either side…

Answer #5

You, like most Americans, are a mix of both. Either a progressive Republican or a conservative Democrat.

I myself will never go Republican as long as the party’s platform is against women’s reproductive rights. (Actually I do vote for some republicans on every level - local to national.)

But however you look at the different issues, I do encourage you (and everyone else) to learn something about local politics at least, and try to vote all the time.

;) Although if a few Republicans want to stay home on election day, that is their right. Really I encourage even my stoutly conservative friends to vote.

This country is so great in part because we ALL get out chance to express an opinion!

Have a great day and Good Luck!!

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Answer #7

A middle of the road Republican, I should think. Some Republicans will be too extreme for you, but you don’t sound as though you’d have much in common with any of the Democrats. Good summary of your personal opinions, BTW - thanks!

Answer #8

That’s a good summary, Fillet. But would everyone else agree?

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