Who won super tuesday on the democrat and republican sides?

I’m confused by all the coverage. I watched CNN for hours last night. The only thing I want to know is: who won super tuesday for the democrats? And who won it on the republican side?

Answer #1

I guess our news channels must be saying different things. they said the romney wasn’t even sure if he would be going to texas after yesterday

Answer #2

My news stations said there were no clear winner in the dem side. Rep frontrunner of course is McCain.

Answer #3

Obama and clinton for the democrats mccain and huckabee for the republicans. those are the top two in both.

Answer #4

Clinton is a little ahead of Obama… McCain won on the republican side…

Answer #5

McCain actually blew Huckabee and Romney out of the water (And Romney was #2 for the Repubs, not Huckabee).

Clinton and Obama are still virtually head to head, although Clinton’s winning of most districts in CA give her a slight edge.

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