Whats the different between a Democrat and Republican?

we have a big test in social studies tomorrow about democrats and republicans. I’ve been studying since I got home from basketball at school (4:30) its now almost 7:30. I’ve studied pretty much everything and know everything pretty well. but then he said that there would be an essay question about the difference between a democrat and a republican and I cant find the notes for that anywhere! I’ve tried looking it up online but I dont understand any of it. she said it’d need to be a good 8 sentences. can someone please help me?

Answer #1

penguin your retarded the only person I DONT care about in this entire world is me, I would die for every single person WHETHER OR NOT I KNOW THEM, I would die for anyone, I would die for what I believe in, I would die for this country and how are we the bad ones? palins baby was the one put on ebay by some dem. a DEMOCRAT made the shirt that called her a c*nt and a DEMOCRAT made a porn vid. with her face, those few give all dems a bad name, I know very VERY few are bad, but its the select few that make it seem as though the democrats are the heartless ones, so keep your prejudice thoughts to yourself its all opinionated, and like they say

OPINIONS ARE LIKE BUTT HOLES< EVERYONE HAS ONE AND THEY ALL STINK and quite frankly you seem like an opinion.


Answer #2

the difffrences are what they believe is right and what is rong. to me all republicians care bout are themselves and nothin bout the counrty. look up on google different belifies that they have

Answer #3

oh, and she said that we cant say anything about john mccain and barack obama

Answer #4

here ill make thi short and sweet!! democrat: they stand 4 the poor people and think that the war should end and that we SHOULD lower gas prices. Republican: They dont give a crap about the country and its people. They think the war should go on 4 100 years and they dont want to lower gas, that means they are 4 rich people only.

Answer #5

More answers here http://www.funadvice.com/q/difference_between_conservitive_and http://www.funadvice.com/q/republican_or_democrat

Dems: Higher minimum wage Affordable health care for all (some are calling for universal health care) Equal opportunity for all Americans regardless of sex, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, or national origin (which means most dont have an issue with giving gay people equal rights, divisions on the marriage issue though) Support access to birth control, and sex education in schools Abortion to be “safe, legal” Support for stem cell research with federal funding. Oppose the doctrine of unilateralism, which dictates that the United States should use military force without any assistance from other nations whenever it believes there is a threat to its security or welfare Opposed to use of torture Focus on crime prevention (as opposed to punishment) Believe in various gun control measures… Believe social services are important, and are for social security, welfare etc…

Reps: Law is the province of the legislature and that judges should not “legislate from the bench Greater limitations placed upon federal power and a larger role reserved for the States. Favor a free-market, policies supporting business Believing in limiting social services (like welfare) to prevent it from being abused Generally do not favor labor unions Believe strict environmental standards hurt businesses (some are skeptical about global warming) Do not support gay marriage or gay people in the army Oppose abortion Religious wing tends to support organized prayer in public schools and the inclusion of teaching creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution. Some members actively oppose the federal funding of embryonic stem cell Supports unilateralism in issues of national security, believing in the ability and right of the United States to act without external or international support in its own self-interest.

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