Whats your opinion on Hitler?

Answer #1

I hate the bastard!

Answer #2

He was a mass-murdering nazis $hit-head? Agreeing to experiment, torture, starve, and freeze people…That’s awful.

Answer #3

he is a Nazi.

Answer #4

I believe he was a very manipulative man who was amazing at public speaking but he was genuinely evil, I think he was fully insane and had no soul. I can’t even begin to express my disgust towards that heinous creature.

Answer #5

he was a physco freak

Answer #6

had one of the best public speaking skills and could easily manipulate the mass. but overall he was a complete psychopath who killed millions of innocent people. I despise him.

Answer #7

I believe he could have been a great leader, but he had terrible morals.

Answer #8

He was a vegetarian midget…

Answer #9

lol funny.

Answer #10

It’s true :D

Answer #11

he is burning in hell right now

Answer #12

sick psycopath

Answer #13

yup /:

Answer #14

He was a butchering bastard, all of them were, they treated their dogs better than they treated their victims, if only Stauffenberg had succeeded in the July 20th plot one of the worlds most horrific murders would have been dead

Answer #15

He was a pychotic bastard that was good and manilptive man and was sick sick man killed inncont ppl because they didnt look the way hew wanted? well that disgust me! i hope h is burning in hell with all of he damn soliders -l3$$3r

Answer #16

straight up jive turkey

Answer #17

also heard he was against animal cruelty lol. Not sure if thats true.

Answer #18

What opinions can any sane person possibly have about a magalomanic, insane, hating warmaker who killed millions and millions of people, either by direct orders or by sending his armies to their home or by obliging them to be cannon fodder for his armies? Guess.

Answer #20

My opinion? Not much. He is a dead madman.

Answer #21

so theres nothing good? =/

Answer #22

He was obviously a megalomaniac with extremely warped morals. I have often wondered why the saner men who surrounded him (and there were many fine, morally sound Germans in the high command) didn’t overthrow him. There were some attempts - but they failed. He must have had a very charismatic personality.

He goes down in history with all the other genocidal leaders - but they couldn’t have done it alone and there are people with the same disposition active today.

It’s no use just saying what they were or are - we can take positive action and join campaigns against these people. For example, there are 2 internet campaigns against Mugabe : http://funadvice.com/r/155bovtlhs5

Answer #23

He was a sick racist, homophobic physco and spent the potential skill in leadership he did have on giving Germany an untrue and horrorific sterotype. He co-ordinated the deaths of over 11 million in total. That is all.

Answer #24

i hate his fricken guts i want to tear them out and feed them to him no offense if you like him

Answer #25

well i think hes interesting, so im not one of the people saying “ohh hes evil” or “hes such a terrible person” everyone has different opinions, whether they’re good or bad no need to be so mean /:

Answer #26

Smart, intelligent but at the same time demented and wraped…

Answer #27

the most unbelievably evil, twisted murderer in the history of man”kind”

Answer #28

The NAZI’s were actually big on environmentalism and preventing animal cruelty. They banned vivisection and kosher animal slaughter. Modern nudism has its roots in NAZI Germany as well. Hitler wasn’t a strict vegetarian; he did have some health problems that made him avoid meat but by modern standards he wasn’t a vegetarian. German propoganda presented Hitler as a virtuous, non-drinking, non-smoking, vegetarian along the lines of Wager but this wasn’t true.

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