What is your opinion on Arizonas Immigration Law?

The law states that anyone who they might suspect of being an illegal imigrant will be stopped and asked for there documents. So that means if I have dark hair and brown or black eyes I will get stopped by police and must identify myself. Whats your opinion? Is this fair, not fair?

Answer #1

As I understand it, If a police officer pulls someones vehicle over (a normal traffic stop) or has to enter even by force someone’s residence due to some type of disturbance, possible drug house etc. etc. they have to ask for I.d. anyway, the basic who are you, etc. etc. so what is one more step to ask do you have legal documenation to be in this country Legally? Espcially if the individual can not produce a valid driver’s license, or other proof of identity?

Answer #2

You obviously didn’t read the bill which is typical. If you are BREAKING the law you are checked. So why is it when a state decides to pass a law that the federal government ignores they are accused of being racist?

Answer #3

It’s racist…the only people that think it makes sense…

…are a bunch of white people who believe they’re getting disenfranchised as whites are becomming a minority in many parts of the country, yet still hold most of the positions of political power at the local, state and federal levels.

Answer #4

It isn’t racist. the impetus behind the bill is not to harass people of a given race because of their race… even if it does sort of assist in their being profiled… (slightly concede.) Besides… Hispanic people come in all sorts of races just as any other heterogeneous states… Whites… Blacks… Indigenous… Mestizos… Mulattoes… etc. I think that the law infringes on the 4th amendment… and for this reason should be rescinded along with a bunch of other measures enacted since 9/11.

My opinion? Why the sudden outcry? Where were you folks when the MIAC report came out? Talk about racism. Do you only care when you think Latino rights are trampled upon? I’m a little miffed. You speak up when it is fashionable to do so… but lay low when fellow Americans are being harassed. Show a little consistency if you want to be taken seriously.

Answer #5

There was a news story on TV the other night on how many police/sherrif departments had been already doing this for years.

Answer #6

Having lived on the streets for many years in the past….I considered getting asked for ID as part of the lifestyle. I have yet to be stopped by a cop for ANYTHING, that showing ID wasn’t a part of the process…I don’t think it’s racist, since I don’t see it as anything other than status quo….proving who you are when asked by law enforcement.

Answer #7

Jeremy, you are an absolute IDIOT!!! Enforcing our laws is not racist. If, as you indicate, you do not think it makes sense, why have the law in the first place?? Why not just open the borders and let the entire world in? There have to be laws, and there has to be accountability for breaking those laws or there would be chaos. I lived in Mexico for 7 years. I’ve also lived in other countries in South America and I’m white. Throughout that time, I was stopped many times and asked to show my documents and my Visa. I went through random check points all across the country. That was profiling because its obvious I’m not Mexican. I wonder if people like you or President Calderon would consider that discriminatory, or is that “different’ because I’m white?? But I didn’t see anything wrong with it. But I also have the gift of common-sense. I was a non-citizen in a foreign country, so it only made sense that they would check to make sure I had the proper documentation and was allowed to be there. And in Mexico, its a FELONY if you are caught without papers. In AZ its only a misdemeanor. To say this AZ law only makes sense to white people shows how ignorant you are. It just sounds good, right, because that’s what you hear other people saying and you really have no opinion of your own, do you? People like you detract from the subject by mudslinging and saying things that are asinine! You should be supporting YOUR COUNTRY, not a bunch of illegal people stealing across out borders snubbing their noses at our laws. To defend them makes you a part of the problem.

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