Whats the best ways to be politically active?

Well I’ve just begun being a anarchist a couple weeks now. Im wondering what in your opinion is the best way for me to be politically active.

What is the best ways to be politically active?

Answer #1

I am rather liberal and I have a question. What, to you, does being an anarchist mean. I actually respect the idea that you are at least trying to be politically active. I was arrested at 14 for protesting George Wallace when he came to a rally for his presidential run. I was also arrested when I staged a sit in in my junior high against the war. So I do understand taking a stand for what you believe in. What do you believe in?

Answer #2

join your skewls debate team (if your skewl haz 1)

Answer #3

One letter to a Congressmane is worth 100 votes, so start writing letters.

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