Your opinions on government

What are your opinions on democracy, the presidential race, the candidates, our government now and what it will be like? Just want to hear some thoughts! :)

Answer #1

Sometimes I personal think the media get all hyped up for reason..there are all sorts of people with different views on government, but I believe the more you watch politics on tv the more there remains to seen…then you almost feel a sense of guilt for not watching the end you become a politician and before long you find ureself running for the presidency

Answer #2

Democracy is a theory of whats good for one is good for all - where a republic is what is good for all is good for the country. Our politicians stopped listening to the little and middle income families and plastered their faces with the filty rice. They forget who they work for and its time we demand that those in office follow the US Constitution to the letter and stop making laws retro-active and trying to administer islamic laws into our country. Since the 70s I felt the US is like Rome - strong powerful and failing - its a shame we all hide our heads into the sands instead of standing united against the teriny of evil without our own boarders and government - May God always bless America

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