Whats Your Opinion on illegal immigrants?

Leaving aside the colors of our skin and all what do you think about “ Illegal Immigrants”???

Answer #1

In the U.S. there are long-established procedures/laws whereby an immigrant can enter the country and become a citizen - many choose to ignore/skirt/break these laws, thus the term ‘illegal’ (by definition: not lawful, not morally right or conventional) - so my opinion is they should do what is right and follow the law.

No nation with open borders can be secure.

Answer #2

We are basically inviting illegal immigrants to come here. As long as we don’t enforce employment laws, there will always be a steady flow of illegals coming in. As someone already said, they are only looking for a better life, and the current way of becoming a legal immigrant just takes way to long. There are huge Agra corporations hiring hundreds of thousands of illegals. Start prosecuting these companies for hiring illegals, and it will stem the tide of illegals because there will be no jobs for them. It is basic supply and demand. As long as there is a demand for cheap labor, there will always be a supply. Put a few CEO’s butts in prison for hiring illegals, and you will see the demand dry up immediately. But the CEOs have the current administration in their pockets, so nothing will be done in the near future. And building a fence is just silly, It will accomplish nothing but scoring political points with a bunch of racists, who think it will really be able to stop the brown people from coming here.

Answer #3

Well I guess that I’m open to anyone coming to out country since now it is a free one!! just as long as their nice people!

Answer #4

Migrant workers does not equate to Illegal. Many Illegals are migrant workers, and it is still illegal to hire them. But it is not enforced. I never said anything about a giant conspiracy. But big aggra are major lobbiests for a guest worker program so they can get cheap labor legally. Right now they do illegally, and the government looks the other way.

Answer #5

Obviously you must be right jimahl. A giant conspiracy to protect agg companies from prosecution is so much more sensible than a well documented migrant worker program.


Answer #6

Big aggra comps absolutely do hire illegals. There is no special provision to hire illegals. Otherwise they wouldn’t be “illegals”. They don’t admit to hiring them, but they do all the time.

Answer #7

Does the word “illegal” mean anything to anybody?? What’s wrong with being a “legal immigrant”?? Also, they only talk of opening ONE border…Canadians still have to be LEGAL…Europeans still have to be LEGAL…The easterners (Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese)..have to be LEGAL…So what’s the big deal about green cards for those from the south??

Majorly descriminatory, I think…


Answer #8

they have just as much of a right to be here as everyone that was born in usa,but they should learn how to speak english at least…then they wouldn’t get caught as much I think

Answer #9

honestly I hate the idea of people coming illegally into our country and taking our jobs and health care BUT was our nation not founded by several different types of people from other places

Answer #10

I believe that we are just hard working people who want a better future for purselfs and our family. a lot of us die on our way to reaching the American dream and some people seem to not notice that.

Answer #11

The big agg companies don’t hire illegals. There is a special provision in the law for agg.

Answer #12

girl yall can all come over here, because I like mexicans especially hot chico’s

Answer #13

this has some interesting comments and statistics:


Answer #14

There are 3 primary reasons people oppose open borders:

  1. overloading of social services
  2. racism
  3. fear of criminal elements entering the country

The 3rd reason is legitimate in my opinion, but the other two are not. If we must restrict immigration because we are a socialist society, I would suggest changing that instead of restricting immigration.

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