Whats your opinion about Euthanaisa

Do you feel that it’s okay to take sombodys like if they are suffering or should we let them live and suffer?

Answer #1

Criticism noted but my Bible says ‘Thou shalt not kill’ - that is where I was coming from - difficult topic indeed.

Answer #2

I believe God has appointed us a time to be born and a time to die - we should definately not interfere.

Answer #3

Wooo… heavy question.

For me personally, if my mother, father, sister, partner, best friend, anyone I love, was lying in a bed, in excruciating pain, and begged me to end their life… as much as I would want to end their pain, I’d want to check out mine and my loved one’s legal rights. I’m of the belief that if a person is of sound mind, and can make a statement in front of a legal authority that yes, they wish to die, it is a wish that should be respected.

Think about it- when our pets get old and very sick, we take them to the vet, and if they are just too sick to continue, or they are in too much pain, we put them down. Why? Because we love them so much, we don’t want them to be in pain any more. We want to set them free. Why should we make humans suffer when they are in too much pain?

Answer #4

everybody has a right to choose to die. if there is no chance of recovery and they are in pain, then it’s fine. it’s just a form of suicide. they can’t do it themselves, so someone helps them. it’s not murder at all. we put animals down when they are suffering, so why not humans? it’s their choice.

Answer #5

JTOM99 = I agree, it should be legal.

AMBLESSED = I understand that the bible says God is the only one who can choose when we die. therefore euthanaisia and suicide are a sin. my answer to that is why does God make good people suffer with mental/physically illness? suffer so much they feel they have to take their own life or get someone to help them. euthanaisia is not murder. it’s a form of suicide.

Answer #6

nobody personally but people who are living and suffering with diseases that have no cure should have the right to choose to live or die and should have the right to ask somebody to kill them if they cannot do so themselves

Answer #7

-I believe God has appointed us a time to be born and a time to die - we should definately not interfere.-

amblessed I don’t mean to criticize, but maybe you should listen to church a little bit less and develop some of your own opinions from the bible. I personally wouldn’t pull the plug no matter how much I loved the person because I feel it’s murder. However, I think everyone should be allowed to make that choice if they are in horrible pain.

Answer #8

I think that euthanaisa should be an option for people with who are in extreme discomfort and have no hope of recovery.

amblessed, in your opinion at what point are we interfering with God’s plan? If an individual is on life support with a machine to help them breath, we use a defibrillator to restart their heart, etc. are we interfering with God’s plan by keeping them alive or are we interfering with God’s plan when we quit going to extreme measures keeping them alive. I’m just asking because in many cases euthanaisa is more letting someone die than killing them.

Answer #9

I agree that people should have the right to end their pain. I accept that it would be a very difficult decision, but nevertheless- it is probably the single most important decision of anyones life. if the diagnosis is irreversible, and painful, iwould want to be euthanized, and not linger on suffering, in a hospital bed.sometimes love is expressed by doing something that is extremely hard, yet we know to be right.

Answer #10

let them live and give them drugs to dull the pain but only if its physical if its emotional then have them see a shrink

Answer #11

I understand what you’re saying - it’d be a gut-wrenching decision for anyone - I really think it comes down to ones core values.

Answer #12

Theres no amount of drugs that can dull somebodys pain let alone the emotional pain they must be suffering having to watch everybody live their live while they just sit there and die slowly

Answer #13

if they want to go then let them go. but it depends, are you talking about someone in particular?

Answer #14

Euthenasia should be legal. No human government has the right to force people to suffer if they do not want to.

We abhor suicide in this culture so much that we scream “sanctity of life” even when that life is in such poor and painful condition that the person in question no longer wants to live it. If they’ve made their peace and they are in sound mind, let them die with dignity.

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