What's better - Coke or Pepsi?

Answer #1

It’s an opinion thing, but I prefer coke. It has more of a full, sweet, sort-of “thicker” flavor, whereas Pepsi is a bit “milder”, at least to me. If I want to have a sweet soda, I want it to be full-flavored, not mild. Hence, I prefer coke. (Although I much prefer Dr. Pepper over both, and occasionally a Mountain Dew, regular or Code Red/Dark Berry if I’m in the mood.)

Answer #2

I personally think Pepsi has a better taste, but I always ask for coca cola cherry. I’m a coke girl :3

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Answer #4

Neither, soda is nasty. :o

Answer #5

I dont drink soda. If I do I drink pepsi, sprite, or dr.pepper.

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Answer #7

Pepsi, I hate the taste of sugared soda and Pepsi tastes nothing like it. :3 Coke is grody. x3

Answer #8

I love both, but I’d say Coke because it was a lot popular in Romania. And not much is good tasting there.

Answer #9

Pepsi but only the throwback Pepsi

Answer #10

I used to prefer Pepsi! But after drinking loads of it, then having a cup of Coke.. I realised I preferred Coke:3

Answer #11

Neither I’ll have http://funadvice.com/r/bt9jrcel1kc Or http://funadvice.com/r/c6eemd8jt

If those are not available, I’ll prefer Coke over Pepsi.

Answer #12

I like Pepsi 1 but really all sodas should be avoided especially on a daily basis for sugar content and possible formation of kidney stones…..

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Answer #15

I think coke tastes better for some reason.

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