Do you like Coke or Pepsi better?

This is one of those “perennial questions”. My brother in law bought a few two liters of pepsi the other day, and I have to say I’m having a hard time with the taste, because I drink coke daily & flinch when I visit a new restaurant and they ask “is pepsi ok?”.

So how about you? Are you a coke or pepsi person?

Answer #1

i love coke products but dont really drink a whole lot of coke

Answer #2

I like Coke better than Pepsi. So yea…COKE! :p

Answer #3

Pepsi, Coke is dull, it makes me retch. =D

Answer #4


Answer #5

I hate sodas so none for me I prefer frooti, maaza or slice all mango drinks or rather milk :D

Answer #6

i love pepsi

Answer #7

Coke for me :-)

Answer #8

COKE!!! no doubt about it =]]

Answer #9

NEVER Pepsi. Always coke. I flinch, too.

Answer #10


Answer #11

coke. but i don’t drink soda. its bad for you . bad bad bad

Answer #12


Answer #13

I like Coke, it has more taste!

Answer #14

pepsi is my favorite. I can only drink coke at a resturant, can’t drink it from a can or bottle. I like the sweetness of pepsi.

Answer #15

Coke!! woopwoop

Answer #16

I usually drink iced tea but when I’m having cola Coke is it. Pepsi is too sweet and lacks Coke’s complexity.

Every now and then I need a cherry Coke. Not the cherry Coke that comes in a can but Coke with cherry syrup to it. Sonic makes a good cherry Coke if you have one hear you. Waffle House makes them also but they aren’t quite as good as Sonic.

Answer #17

I’ve always been a Coca-Cola gal, I find it depends on age, I’m 39 and younger folk like Pepsi. Just a theory! I also like Creamy peanutbutter…Not the Crunchy…another questin I like to ask!

Answer #18

Pepsi > Coke.

Answer #19

no , pepsi will not be okay.. i will just have a water.

lol im a coke person

Answer #20

(I see that you ask even fewer questions than I.) Pepsi better than coke if in cans (and always from the can if manners allow). As a soda fountain drink (e.g. fast food places) it doesn’t matter as fountain drinks are never the right taste or mouth feel - too carbonated. And never from liter bottles or larger, because the carbonation is never right after a large bottle has stood for a while. And when in doubt - COFFEE, straight black!! Incidentally, I wish you all the best, TheDude. Take care, and Good Luck!!

Answer #21

Vanilla Coke!

Answer #22

I like Pepsi better coke is just gross-tasting

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