How do you like the new pepsi and coke bottle caps?

Personally they’re a bit odd, I got a sunkist yesterday and it was really hard to open, I’m no wimp either and I had to give it a couple good brisk twist to get it loose. I don’t necessarily think it’s to bad for me anyways but seems like it might be more difficult for older people, or small children to work with them. Now it seems like some of them are easier to open then others but it’s like they’ve sealed some of them to tight very peculiar, I’ve run across probably a dozen of these bottles that are harder to twist. Anyone noticed this?

Answer #1

I hate them…i can never get them open and am constantly having to as my fiance to open my drinks…theres no grip to them.

Answer #2

I know right.. Some of the bottle caps almost seem to small for the bottles like they are on to tight haha, my grandmother called me to come over to open a bottle of pepsi for her the other day, now I live right down the street so it wasn’t a big deal but still it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how pepsi thinks elderly people and young children are gonna manage these caps, especially if they don’t have someone around to open them for them.

Answer #3

I know, I liked the grips :(

Answer #4

The new cap design actually uses less plastic than the old ones - it’s one of the steps the cola companies are trying to take to become greener.

Answer #5

I’m just saying, it’s not a bad thing to go eco-friendly, they just need to at least re-add the grips to them.

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