whats the difference between pepsi and coke ?

except for the name xD

its just a random question

iive tasted both of them and they taste the same =S

Answer #1

Pepsi is sweeter and has less carbonation so it is easier to drink.

Coke is more carbonated, less sweet, and has more complexity than Pepsi.

Generally people prefer whatever they grew up drinking. If you grew up in a family that drank Coke chances are you will prefer Coke; if you grew up in a family that drank Pepsi chances are you will prefer Pepsi.

I’m not big on Colas but between the two I prefer Coke.

Answer #2

I drink both… depending on what’s available. But overall I think my favorite cola is RC…

Answer #3

The ingredients.

Pepsi is sweeter, a little more mild, and has more caffeine.

Answer #4

pepsi has more caffine, and coke comes from a cola plant. pepsi does not

Answer #5

Pepsi is amazingly better, it’s sweeter, cokes gross.

Answer #6

They don’t taste the same - Coke is sweeter.

Answer #7

coke is way much better than pepsi… ((:

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