What would I eat to only have about 1200 calories per day?

Im trying to lose a tiny bit of weight like 5 pounds. Im 5’6 and 121lbs.I have a pudge on my stomach im disliking.so what kind of exercise plan shuld I do and what should I eat. Or how much should I eat??? Ps im 14!!! So wats healthy??

Answer #1

Small portion of lean meat, fruits and veggies, high fiber cereals (oatmeal), water.

Avoid sauces, butter / oleo, sugar (minimal amounts), anything fried, Only have fresh fruit for dessert. They say plan your meals ahead of time, and try to have 5 meals instead of 3. Of course the 5 have to be smaller.

HOWEVER, your BMI is 19.5 which is at the low end of normal (18.5-24.9). What you need is not dieting, it is toning your stomach muscles. Crunches, or active sports will help there. Dieting cannot target an area such as you want to do.

Answer #2

Fruit and vegetables are healthy. Woo go brocili. Don’t think I spelt that right lol.

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