Average calories to eat per day?

Ok, So Whats is he average ammount of calories you should eat a day? and what is a heatlthy ammount for a diet?

Please Help!!

Answer #1

I try to stay at 1200 calories a day probably fruit and milk in the morning sandwich and pickle for lunch salad and meat for dinner a small piece of dark chocolate for dinner

Answer #2

you need to find out your bmr that will tell you how many cals you need to eat a day it needs your height and weight and sex not everyone eats the same amount of cals mine for an ex is 1400 cals so be careful if you need any more help just funmail me

Answer #3

It kind of depends on your weight and stuff I guess. but while im dieting I try to stay around 1500. So I guess a little over that.

Answer #4

Not everything is based on calories…it matters how active you are and how fast your metabolism is…Don’t forget if you’re counting calories to add in the calories that protein, fats, sugar, and carbs give you.

I know every gram of protein and carb is an additional 4 calories and for every gram of fat is around 9 calories. I forgot about sugar but some labels on the side of boxes will tell you. Or you can google it ;)

Answer #5

if your not active then 1400-1500…if your a bit active its 1600…

Answer #6

I have heard 2500 but dont take it for granted, I get about 3500 and im gaining weight so you should probably stick with 2500.

Answer #7

My minimum is around 1350, so don’t overestimate

Answer #8

1500-2000 a dayy for dieting I suggest 1200-1500.

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