I havent been able to sleep for weeks

ok its really startin to bother me now, I havent been able to sleep for weeks. I just sit up allnight and all morning on the computer without sleeping because I just dont feel tired. and also I dont know if this relates to it, but I cant yawn and its really strange I cant desribe it, but does anyone have a clue whats wrong with me?

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well, firstly get some regular aerobic exercise in daytime, this wll help to relax you physically and mentally, like jogging, etc.

secondly, make sure you go to bed at the right time. your body like sort of scheduled. Your body are supposed to do certain thing at certain time.
so for sleep, the best time would be 10pm to 11pm, any time later than that, your body will function for other reason, during night time, it is for the organ inside your body to refresh, bla, bla. After 12pm, people normaly more awake, becuase their body automatically overdrafting their energy. This certainly will have damage on your body.

also, a glass of warm milk and not thinking of anything both can help your sleep.
it must be hard after staying awake for long at night, wish you good luck and good night.

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Oh I know... I've been like this for almost 2 years now though so everyone around me has learned to accept that I'm REALLY pissy when my buttons are pushed now...

&& I know plenty of ways that get me to sleep but they're bad and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone... =\

But exercising worked well... I go for like a 3hour run till I'm about to collapse, then I get home and crash haha it gets me around 4hours of sleep-ish...

Anywho Good Luck! =D

how many weeks??

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I know what thats like I cant even count the amount of nights I sit still in my window watching the CN tower change colours LOL.
I'm paranoid to... I stayed up for like 3hours watching a shadow on my wall that looked like a hand till I freaked and turned on the TV hahaa...

I'd tell you to try sleeping pills... but they can become addicting, and once you become dependant on them your screwed...

Have you tried exercising? Like soo much until your exhausted and have no coice but to pass out? lolll

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same here. umm try listening to music while laying down. or doing an activity that always makes you tired. I can sleep, but its really hard. and I wake up a lot in the night. like every hour. I listen to music, go to the bathroom, walk around outside, which makes me happy cause I like nighttime, and stuff like that. dont take sleeping pills though. I tried that, didnt feel to great after that.

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You could have reversed your sleep cycle. Do you feel tired during the day? if thats the case just try to get back to the normal sleep at night awake during the day schedule. Do you have a lot on your mind? Stress can be a big part of sleeplessness. It could be a number of things some as simple as too much caffeine, or more complicated such as a sleep disorder. You may want to try talking to a doctor.
As for the yawning thing, you yawn when your body lacks oxygen so it is cute possible to go a day or more without it, while others can yawn even when theyre not tired.

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uum no but thanks, I will try it though. these days ill try anything to get some bloody sleep! but not only that it makes me moody with my family and friends then we argue and it makes even more irritable! rrgghh I wish I could get some flippin' sleep!

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honestly you wouldnt believe how much I have tried. and im total opposite to you. im afraid of the nighttime I get exremely parranoid about ghost and stuff, I know sounds silly comin from a teenager but seriously, I dont think im all there lol.

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well im only 13 you see so I dont really have a lot on my mind tbh. and I dont think im stressed either. but here where I am its 2:26 in the morning and im wide awake!. and what it is, is when I need to yawn I get half way through it then I just cant do the rest it just stops,... if you know what I mean?

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Lol well I don't sleep either... But I have chronic insomnia...

If your stressed or have something thats been super bugging you then you may be getting an acute case of insomnia...

Thats all that I can think of though...

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thanks terrible tash lol, ill take your advice and do some exercise x

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