Is god trying to tell me something?

Is god trying to tell me something? Because for the last 2 months I’ve been seeing the number 11 either on the clocks or signs or anywhere. So what does this mean?

Answer #1

initially it may be coincidence. And later all the time you see ‘11’ is just because you began to noticing it. there are several things in this world and goes around us. It does not means GOD wants to say something. For eg sometimes some words comes on mind and next moment it is said by someone in real. when I yawn! I find somewhen else also yawning at the same time.

If GOD wants to give some message. why he’ll puzzle it .For fun? He will just give it to someone special among us.I.e prophets/messengers we dont folllow the messages of them and start searching for new messages.

Answer #2

God is not trying to tell you something, in fact God stopped talking, or tell things to humans after the last apostle died, He left the bible for Us as a way to communicate with him, Its probably a coinsidence, its nothing bad im sure.

Answer #3

I don’t think its paranormal or anything like that, maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something, so think about what it means to you

Answer #4

You’ve been seeing 11 for 2 months? 11 is a 1 and a 1 which equals 2. Are you sure you haven’t actually been seeing the number “2”?

Answer #5

this happened to me too, every time I was looking at clock it was 10:10 im like again I looked at same time wow, in the morning and night I always see 10:10 this is weired and last night it was 4/10/10 10:10 when I looked on my phone but I just ignore it…

Answer #6

I’ve been seeing 33 everywhere. Scary.

For the other answer, 9 means “resurrection”

Answer #7

no, your just noticing 11 cause you are now thinking about it.

Answer #8


I think you are getting yourself worked up over nothing. It’s nice to think God is contacting you directly with ‘signs’, but getting your knickers in a knot trying to find answers and reasons why the number 11 keeps popping up isn’t doing you any good. Your action will make people think you are a headless chicken running around… Not to be a smart arse, but you do know the clock has 11:11am and 11:11pm time frames within 24 hours?

Answer #9

it means nothing I believe in god but god isnt doing it now that you think about it so much your gonna see it

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